Everything you need to know about Mobility Solutions from Pravaa and how to use them

  • Who are we

    Our focus has been to identify processes in various industries that can be made more efficient and effective by introducing a Mobile component in existing process flow. We work with our customers and partners to refine existing Mobile applications or build new applications using template driven XCell Platform. Using this collaborative approach, we have built Mobile Solutions across many Industries, covering various business processes.

    Our Vision is to make Mobile Devices feature rich and an easy to use medium that enhances or adds new value to any business process across various Industries. We continually seek business processes across industries which can leverage and benefit from Mobile functionality.

  • What is an Enterprise Mobility Platform? Why do I need one?

    An Enterprise Mobility platform allows you to build and manage mobile applications securely and easily. If you are looking to reach out to your customers or would like your staff to use mobile devices to receive and update information while being away from the workplace, then using an Enterprise Mobility Platform may bring down the development, deployment and support cost of these applications significantly.

    Pravaa XCellTM has comprehensive built in functionality, which allows building of secure and feature rich mobile application and integrating them to your existing systems quickly.

    Pravaa's patent pending technology reduces the deployment and support of the mobile applications drastically.

  • Can I enter transactions in an off-line mode?

    Yes. Mobile applications built using XCell platform have built-in support for offline storage and intelligent sync with the server when the connectivity is available.

  • Does it work on GPRS with 2G?

    XCell is designed to optimize data transfer between the mobile devices and the mobile server. This allows quick response while fetching data or sending data to the server even while working on a 2G connection.

  • Can I use device features in my mobile applications?

    Yes. Mobile applications built using XCell have in-built ability to capture and transmit images, videos, audio notes and GPS details. These details can be captured along with other text based information.

  • I would like my staff to receive workflow notifications and take actions. Is this possible?

    Yes. XCell has a built-in Workflow extension module, which allows the notifications to be sent to the mobile devices along with any other information, which might be helpful to take an action. Users can view the notification details, take action and send notes along with the action.

  • Can I use this tool to extend my existing applications to mobile?

    The mobility platform allows extending functionality in the existing applications on to mobile devices including phones and tablets. A built-in flexible integration module is used to exchange data between the existing applications and the mobile devices.

  • Does the tool work for tablets and mobiles?

    Yes. The mobile applications developed using the platform can run on Mobile phones and Tablets. All tablets and mobiles are registered with XCell mobile server, which allows device management and users / applications access on various devices.

  • Can product companies leverage this platform?

    Pravaa XCell platform has been design and developed grounds up to build and deploy robust, scalable and flexible mobile applications on top of existing applications / products functionality. We have put in a lot of thought and effort around the integration and security aspects to make the platform plug-and-play. Our product development team continuously looks to add new features, test against new Mobile OS versions and support any new mobile OS.

    Product companies can thus leverage XCell platform to seamlessly extend their product functionality onto the mobile devices quickly and not worry about maintaining multiple versions of mobile apps while allowing to focus on enhancing their core product features.

  • What is the integration approach? What kind of integration adapters is provided?

    Pravaa XCell platform has a flexible integration layer, which can connect to existing applications or products using most of the standard protocols and message formats. In majority of the cases, integration can be built using configuration tools available. We also work with partners to build ready-made adapters for leading packages.

  • What features are provided by the Platform for deploying BI?

    XCell Mobile Applications can be used to build KPI driven dashboards, which use analytics components including Charts, Graphs, Tables and Reports. These dashboards can be built on top of any existing Data source integrated via the integration module and can support any level of drill down capabilities.

  • What are various deployment options?

    The Mobile Platform can be deployed on premise along with the existing applications or can be hosted on a secure cloud. You can also start with a completely hosted deployment model and then move the platform in house later if needed.

  • I can see the value of using Mobile devices and their features to improve my current business process but the existing applications do not support additional functionality. Can I still use the platform?

    Sure. In such cases, the mobile applications are built using XCell platform and are complemented by a web application developed as part of the solution managed by Pravaa. Mobile applications and the Web application work as integrated stand alone solution. The solution can then be integrated with any of the other applications as and when required.

  • I am exploring mobility solutions to benefit my business but not sure how to go about it.

    Exploring mobility options for your business is often a complex process involving business representatives, IT heads, Support teams, Choice of multiple Mobile Device and Operating Systems and existing applications.

    Any mobility initiative choice must address all these factors to succeed in a long run.

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