The ability to share information quickly and efficiently with your associates, partners and customers is key to serving them well and staying ahead of your competitors. An ever-increasing number of us carry mobile devices but are unable to harness their potential as a ubiquitous business tool for exchanging information.

XCellTM mobile applications offer selective functionality of enterprise applications on mobile devices to associates, customers and partners that need to increase efficiency while on the move.

We appreciate that security, ease-of-use and ability to extend your enterprise applications will be important to you. Our XCellTM framework is built with these objectives in mind and enables you to take your corporate applications with you while on the move.

The applications are developed using server side technology but are native to the device on which they run. Being metadata-driven, they do not need re-installation whenever any updates are made. This drastically reduces ongoing support and maintenance costs.

Apart from supporting features like intuitive navigation, device dependent screen size, personalization, offline storage, voice & image capture and multi-language support etc., the platform caters for all major enterprise application aspects like security, standards and auditing.

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