Pravaa's solutions are based on XCellTM, our robust and flexible mobility platform that enables creation of secure, feature-rich applications that integrate seamlessly with other Enterprise applications. Users will be able to use all the features of mobile devices seamlessly without worrying whether it is 'connected' or not.

All our apps can integration with enterprise applications using industry standards methods like Web Services, ERP hooks from Oracle and SAP, or direct Database level calls. All data collected on our mobile apps is available for reporting and download from a web application.

The apps can be hosted on the Cloud which is very effective especially during business validation stages. Some of our clients have chosen to keep using this scalable, reliable and cost-effective hosting strategy post-production. However, those that prefer to have full control of their apps and deploy them within their own firewalls.

The solutions are generally based on our pre-defined templates which provide most of the standard functionality of common business functions but can be enhanced to cover your specific needs.

How we do it

Some of our most popular solutions are given below. You can explore these further and see how we empower our clients to "Scale as they grow" using our template-driven solutions.

All these applications and the users and devices that run them can be managed using a purpose-built Admin Tool

If you would like to know more about mobility solutions specific to your industry, please Contact us for free trial