Sales & Lead Management

This app helps organisations to manage their sales, pre-sales and post-sales processes efficiently.

Lead capture

Using mobile sales applications the sales team can capture new leads and opportunities including prospect information, contact details and interests.

The salespersons can view details of existing opportunities as well as update information like status, amount and other specifics.

Customer Overview

The sales app provides complete details of a customer including contact details, previous interactions, order, shipping details, invoice, payment and complaint history. This allows the sales team to have an informed interaction with the customer.

Catalog Management

An essential part of the sales cycle is the ability to showcase the products and services to a prospective or existing client. Our Catalog Management app aids the sales team in doing just that by ensuring that all details are current and easily accessible.

Quote Generation / Order Booking

While viewing the catalog, items can be added into a shopping cart and the user can proceed to the checkout.

At this stage, either a quote can be generated or a confirmed order can be booked. The quote or order is emailed to customer's email id.

Sales Analysis

Sales managers can view the sales funnel and analyze opportunity data to generate sales forecasts.

Key Performance Indicators can also be viewed via charts-based dashboards.

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