How we do it

We carry smartphones and tablets everywhere with us but are unable to harness their potential as a tool for exchanging business information.

At Pravaa, we pride ourselves at empowering you with easy-to-use and cost-effective mobile applications that extend any business functionality in a secure and incremental way. Nearly all our clients had either tried developing apps in-house or engaged third-party expertise to do so. However, both these options generally imply:

  • Considerable upfront investment of time and resources
  • Tinkering with existing infrastructure setup
  • Losing valuable time relating your business practices to others

This is how Pravaa simplifies this process for you:

  • Choose from our pre-defined templates that provide the standard functionality of common business functions (sales, service, inspection / survey, procurement, expense claims etc).
  • In case you have specific requirements to add to our template or have a business case not part of our existing offerings - not to worry - we can quickly configure these using our platform.
  • Select an integration strategy with other enterprise systems in your business eco-system: we have made this very easy for you and can do this step for you.
  • Decide how you want to host the apps - we can install this within your firewall or can host it on the Cloud so there are no infrastructure changes for you.
  • Configure the app based on changes identified and integration requirements.
  • Use our admin tool to manage users, roles and apps. It will also facilitate the deployment of apps on multiple devices.
  • You are good to go!
    Your users can start collecting data and receiving information and alerts while on the go.
  • Access our web-based Reporting Suite to view customised reports in real-time on the data collected. We can store this data for you until you are ready to receive it in the format of your choice (XML, CSV, JSON etc)

Our clients have typically realised up to 25% productivity gains and have enriched the quality of data collected via mobile devices.

You could be trying out a native app configured for your business within hours on a device of your choice.

We invite you give it a go!

If you would like to know more about mobility solutions specific to your industry, please Contact us for free trial