You can leverage our framework to realise various enterprise mobility goals in a quick and cost-effective manner with proven business benefit.

Our solutions are borne out of the extensive experience of our founding members within their areas of business expertise. Furthermore, we have collaborated with our customers and partners to identify key processes in various industries that can benefit from mobile components within their information flows.

The result is a rich set of pre-built templates that can be quickly adapted to support and enhance these business processes.

The key application categories are:

Pravaa's solution set is built on industry standard business processes. These processes span across various business functions - some of these are common across industries but others rely on processes specific to certain sectors.

Pravaa has built a number of process templates based on these business functions which form the foundation for all of its solutions. New process templates are built on continuous basis and with collaboration with its customers and partners.

The application categories listed above have been applied across various industries by incorporating their nuances into a template-driven solution. Some such industries are:

  • Retail & Distribution
  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • Logistics
  • eGovernance
  • Service
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Healthcare

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